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Welcome to Agent Orange

Learn all about the Vietnamese victims of agent orange. The trust seeks to help the Vietnamese victims to get a better life and address the challenges that the aftermath of the American war left them.

The Trust helps to raise funds across the world to help the Vietnamese victims get the things they ordinarily cannot afford. With the Orange project, funds were raised across the world to purchase breeding cows for Vietnamese to secure recurring income for the families. This helps to enhance the living and manage the adverse circumstances.

Members of the families often suffer terrible consequences from genetic disorders resulting from the American spray. The agent orange in the spray continues to damage the society up till date and evidence suggests that the disability will continue forever.  

Ever since 2007, the set Trust has been able to raise enough funds to cater for over 150 cows for the victim families to strengthen the income strength of the families.

Innocent and innocent children in northern Vietnam

The Problem

One of the problems Vietnam faces is that of disabilities. Several Vietnamese children suffer disabilities, which hinder them from performing effectively and being normal. The disability is intense and many of the children will never be normal again. The disabilities have been traced to Agent Orange, which is the herbicide that the Americans sprayed when they attacked the Vietnamese army. What seemed like a mere spraying of herbicide has caused a problem of disabilities that continues to affect several children and changing the way the children live for life. This has been a problem in the Vietnam community.

Silvery military beads with dog tag and hand of dead soldier on

The Orange Cows Project

The Vietnam war, also called the American war by some, had a devastating impact. Even as the war is now long forgotten, and lost in the several other pages of our history books, its effects remain very real for certain people. These people, forgotten with the war, have had to live with consequences of that period. They struggle to gain a livelihood and are constantly hindered by several genetic deformities attributable to the devastating instruments of war employed by the US. It is against this backdrop that the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange Trust was established in Australia in 2002.

Wheelchairs Handed Over Miner

The Vietnam War started in 1954 and ended in 1975. It was war that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam against the government of South Vietnam and its major ally, the United States. The war was, in a way, a manifestation of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. The war is said to have been considered by the US as a way of stopping the spread of communism in the region. However, the war inevitably became devastating, eventually leaving as many as 2 million Vietnamese civilians, 1.1 million North Vietnamese soldiers, 250,000 South Vietnamese soldiers and 58,000 U.S. servicemen.

Beautiful village of Ban Rak Thai, a Chinese settlement in Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Hong Trung 2011

Hong Trung is one of the many areas in Vietnam that still bears glaring evidence of the devastation of the use of Agent Orange in the U.S. ‘s chemical warfare program – Operation Ranch Hand. Agent Orange, a chemical containing equal parts of two herbicides and with traces of the most toxic type of dioxin, was sprayed aerially by the U.S. over Vietnam with the purpose of defoliating rural and forested land and depriving guerrillas of food and concealment. Over 20 million U.S. gallons of these so-called “rainbow herbicides” were sprayed using helicopters and low-flying aircrafts fitted with sprayers.

Ha Long Bay, the limestone mountains in Quang Ninh Province, nearby Hanoi, Vietnam

Quang Loi 2010

The use of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War by the U.S. has left many struggling economically in several districts of Vietnam. The chemical resulted in many suffering serious illnesses with others being disabled. Similarly, several genetic diseases that the Vietnamese people battle have also been linked to Agent Orange. With many of the people disabled or ill, they are unable to function economically while those who manage to will have several dependents within the family.

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