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About Us

Welcome to Agent Orange. Learn all about the Vietnamese victims of agent orange. The trust seeks to help the Vietnamese victims to get a better life and address the challenges that the aftermath of the American war left them.

The Trust helps to raise funds across the world to help the Vietnamese victims get the things they ordinarily cannot afford. With the Orange project, funds were raised across the world to purchase breeding cows for Vietnamese to secure recurring income for the families. This helps to enhance the living and manage the adverse circumstances.

Members of the families often suffer terrible consequences from genetic disorders resulting from the American spray. The agent orange in the spray continues to damage the society up till date and evidence suggests that the disability will continue forever.  

Ever since 2007, the set Trust has been able to raise enough funds to cater for over 150 cows for the victim families to strengthen the income strength of the families.


The Trust was set up by three concerned Australians who were passionate about the victims of the American war. The Trust has been able to raise funds to serve the needs of the victims. This has helped families to gain income which they can live on to strengthen their survival.

The Trust has partnered with organisations to get things done. Within the period of 2003 and 2004, the Trust partnered with the Vietnamese Embassy and was able to raise money to purchase wheelchairs for families that are in need.

There have been projects to ensure the objectives of the Trust are met and the victims are adequately assisted.

German Infantry Soldiers In World War II Marching Walking Along

Location Located in Australia