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The Problem

Understanding The Scope of The Problem

One of the problems Vietnam faces is that of disabilities. Several Vietnamese children suffer disabilities, which hinder them from performing effectively and being normal. The disability is intense and many of the children will never be normal again. The disabilities have been traced to Agent Orange, which is the herbicide that the Americans sprayed when they attacked the Vietnamese army. What seemed like a mere spraying of herbicide has caused a problem of disabilities that continues to affect several children and changing the way the children live for life. This has been a problem in the Vietnam community.

The problem is far more endemic than the facial value. Of the millions of children that are born, hundreds of thousands of these children have been long affected before the children are born. This means the children have become war victims long before they are even given birth to. Evidence suggests that the poison causing the deformities long before the children are born can be traced to the spray. The poison is a dioxin (TCDD). The poison makes the children damaged for a lifetime. There is no chance of becoming normal or getting the life experiences that normal children will get. This makes the problem a deep one that goes to the root of things.

The problem then becomes more endemic when the realities of several families are considered in Vietnam. In the rural areas in Vietnam, parents need their children to assist on fields, farms and become experts in the process, such that the children can take the place of the parents when the parents can no longer work. This will offer the children the opportunity to have a source of income. However, when the children are disabled and affected for life, parents have to worry about taking care of the children for a lifetime, which creates further complications, as they children often become liabilities in the absence of the parents.

The scope of the problem is wide and continues to widen. The people here need all the help they can get. The effects of the American spray continue to haunt the people here and their children. This continues to lead to a community of disabled and deformed people that find it extremely difficult to cope with their lives, let alone develop their communities. There is a great problem of disability among these Vietnamese. The problem requires urgent attention if it will ever be mitigated.

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